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Beef producers know there is more to steak than great taste. A serving of beef is an excellent source of protein, as well as iron, zinc, niacin, and vitamin B. It also supplies all nine essential amino acids, contributing to overall good nutrition.

Protecting the health of cattle and ensuring balanced nutrition is our job as a trusted partner to farmers and ranchers worldwide. Our broad portfolio of products and unmatched support deliver precise, customized solutions to keep cattle healthy and well-nourished. Ensuring cattle are well cared for is part of providing healthy, affordable, better-tasting beef.

Nutrition Solutions Solving Challenges
The research behind Novus nutritional solutions has supported the development and improvement of numerous products for the dairy industry. With capabilities in both basic and applied sciences, Novus has created custom solutions that enhance dairy rations.

In addition to a dedicated sales force specializing in the dairy market, Novus offers technical services and training to promote animal performance, milk production, animal health and sustainability at dairy operations. No matter what the challenge may be, Novus will help solve the problem. Nutrition Specialties

We set ourselves apart as a leading provider of nutritional specialty products, which are based on extensive research and proven results. Our innovative, science-based solutions help our customers achieve optimal animal health.

We offer proprietary nutritional specialty products developed in cooperation with private research companies and leading university partners. We go the extra mile, conducting field trials to confirm our products are effective and help achieve the animal health goals of our customers.