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Our nutrient premix are mixtures of functional ingredients and additives for poultry feed

Product Range and Challange

Feed manufacturers and poultry producers face many challenges when choosing high-quality poultry feed additives. Corn and soy are the most common poultry feed ingredients, but they aren’t always readily available due to competitive demand from other industries, including food, beverage, and energy. As a result, poultry feed manufacturers often turn to less conventional raw materials, like pearl millet, mustard seed cake, rapeseed meal, and cottonseed meal.

Using poultry feed additives that support health, offer excellent nutritional value, preserve feed, and improve the manufacturing process is essential to maintaining profitable operations. KORVEDA poultry feed additives check all the above boxes. Designed to preserve feed during storage and processing, and providing optimal nutrition, KORVEDA additives offer solutions that are backed by continued research and development.